PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. Wins Supreme Court Case Against Own Attorney for Malpractice


TAMPA, September 30, 2022 -- PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Florida based corporation specializing in the manufacture, formulation and distribution of world-class dietary supplements, filed a Supreme Court case against its own attorney JBP for misrepresenting PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s interest in a federal case regarding its intellectual property. 

PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. hired attorney "JBP", formerly an attorney for Under Armour, to represent PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. in a federal case involving one of its intellectual property matters. "JBP" failed to protect the interests of PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc., including the failure to maintain filing dates, records, and filing of important documentation as required. PROCCOR took the case to the Supreme Court, which ultimately issued the following order:

"...The PC determined that JBP had violated
the following Rules of Professional Conduct: Rule 1.1 (requiring competence);
Rule 1.2(a) (requiring a lawyer to abide by the client's decisions concerning the
objectives of representation and to consult with the client as to the means by
which they are to be pursued); Rule 1.3 (requiring diligence); Rule 1.4
(requiring adequate communications with clients); Rule 1.16(d) (requiring a
lawyer to protect the client's interests when withdrawing or terminating
THEREFORE, the court orders that JBP be disbarred from the
practice of law. He is hereby assessed all costs and expenses
incurred in the investigation and prosecution of the matters."


PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s CEO, Ross Krigsman, stated "An attorney's primary job is to protect its client's interests, JBP failed to do so on many levels. He was given countless opportunities to resolve the matter, but refused, believing we would not take action. Today, the Supreme Court has issued an official order, and JBP has been disbarred from the practice of law. In addition, JBP has been assessed all costs/expenses involving the prosecution - i believe the order speaks for itself.”


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