PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. Files Federal Lawsuit Against World Health Products LLC DBA GAT Sport


TAMPA, Oct. 17, 2022 -- PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Florida based corporation specializing in the manufacture, formulation and distribution of world-class dietary supplements, has filed a federal lawsuit against Connecticut based nationwide retailer World Health Products dba GAT Sport, for continued, willful infringement in connection with PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s federally registered trademark(s). 

PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the sole creator and only entity with a federal registration, longtime enforcement, and licensing history with major brands/retailers, in connection with its FREEDOM POP federally registered trademark, federal registration #5745558. GAT Sport sold significant quantities of product(s) bearing PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s federally registered trademark, in addition to plastering the mark throughout its website and countless marketing materials. PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. reached out to GAT Sport for an amicable resolution, instead, GAT Sport responded with their intent to continue using the mark and listed various companies using the mark as a means to excuse their infringement, not knowing that said brands were licensees and/or had agreements signed with PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. Furthermore, GAT Sport misrepresented the quantities of product sold in attempts to downplay the significance of the infringement, and misrepresented to its partners that PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. had issued a license to GAT Sport. PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. did not and has not issued such license, ever, neither to GAT Sport nor to any of GAT Sport's partners.

Given the significant nature of the infringement, PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been left with no choice but to file a federal lawsuit against GAT Sport due to the willful and blatant nature of the infringement, and ask that the court award injunctive relief, treble damages, punitive damages and any other damages the court sees just to award, in addition to attorney’s fees where applicable.

PROCCOR Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s CEO, Ross Krigsman, stated "We attempted to reach an amicable resolution, but the blatant infringement on our federally registered trademark has left us no choice but to file a federal lawsuit to protect our IP, our interests, and those of our licensees.".


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